The Splendiferous Quagmires of Mr. Filliam Crowe

Acacia Hall, 10433 83 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB

Follow the follies of Filliam Crowe as he bumbles and blunders his way through life. What would be a casual errand for most, Filliam turns into a bizarre trial of clumsy antics, mumbled misunderstandings, and well-meaning bungledom. With improvised slapstick comedy and artful musical accompaniment, Filiam's misfortunes are downright delightful!

Featuring the physical comedy stylings of David Rae and the talents of Jess Tollestrup on keys, Filliam Crowe is all-ages friendly production welcome to those may be hard of hearing or deaf.

Join Filliam for his silly stories at Venue 10: Acacia Hall during the 2019 Edmonton Fringe Theatre Festival. Tickets go on sale on August 7 at noon.

The Splendiferous Quagmires of Mr. Filliam Crowe is produced in association with Sorry, Not Sorry Productions, an Edmonton-based improv troupe that aims to discover stories through the art of improvisational theatre. Come laugh with us!