You will see [Jess] Tollestrup soon. You will hear [them] on the radio. You will watch as [they] become something so big that the prairies themselves will seem tiny by comparison.”

— Kim Firmston to Open Book: Toronto

...Tollestrup sounds like they are stalking the halls of an old house – a ghost that is reluctant to be at peace.”

Laura Stanley, Grayowl Point

Tollestrup wraps each word in a beautiful woven tapestry of sounds and instruments that give each track so much depth and texture, you can almost feel each verse.”

Corrine Cassels, Divide and Conquer


Photo credit: Émanuel Dubbeldam

Photo credit: Barbara Vargas



"Repertoire selection inspires undergraduate student and faculty member to build aeolian harp" Crossing Boundaries Symposium, 2019

"Impro Allegro welcomes poet and musician Jess Tollestrup for a comedy mashup on January 23"