JESS TOLLESTRUP Musician and spoken word poet from rural southern Alberta. Uses folk music and a looping pedal to tell the strange stories that they accumulate - curses, hitchhiking, body removal, and the like. Joined for the first time at this debut release by a full band.

SISTER RAY Saying whatever on whatever days about whatever with you. She watches while you stand in the back corner trying to sort the best time to buy them a drink or go for a cigarette or finally go home and listen to something on your mind tonight.

KATIE LAINE Katie Laine is a quirky, passionate songwriter who creates genre bending folk tunes that feature her flowing, energetic vocals. Originally from Rocky Mountain House, she brings her folk roots and combines them with more modern soul and jazz influences.

Indoor busking by astrologer Caitlin Alexandra, tarot reader Jamie Lewis, and typewriter poet Emily Campbell.

We acknowledge that this show takes place on Treaty 6 Land.